In this post, I will backup kubernetes cluster along with pv to minio. Minio is object storage, you can use it as alternative solution of AWS S3. When you deploy your application to kubernetes cluster, it is better to install those apps in separate namespace other then default. Download velero binary Create the credential file […]

Backup is most crucial thing. If any bad things happen then backup is the only way we can recover our data, hence we should setup it first. Solr has two ways of taking backup. If you are using solr in standalone mode you will use the replication handler. If you are using solrcloud then you […]

In GKE, sometimes the instance type you have chose to deploy your application might not be enough and you may need to change it. If that is what you need then follow along. Here, I already have setup gcloud and changing the instance type to custom machine with 4 CPUs and 16GiB RAM. Create a […]

Install crd 2. Create a namespace cert-manager 3. Install cert-manager using helm 4. Create IAM service account with dns admin permission 5. Download the key.json file and create a secret in cert-manager namespace 6. Create a ClusterIssuer 7. Create a certificate It will create a secret, example-com-tls in cert-manager namespace 8. Use the secret and […]

We will be using operator to install secure cockroachdb in kubernetes. If you want to install it using helm or configs then please refer to official guide. Create a new namespace and name it cockroach. Download crd and apply it Download the operator Edit the file, change default namespace to cockroach and apply it Download […]

CockroachDB makes scale so simple, you don’t have to think about it. It automatically distributes data and workload demand. Break free from manual sharding and complex workarounds. In this post, you will see how you can import your existing database in cockroachDB. Take a mysql backup using mysqldump gzip the file to compress sql dump […]

These are the commands which can be used as kubernetes cheatsheet in our daily life as a DevOps. This is helpful for me, rather than searching on the internet I will keep this cheatsheet for me in my own website. These are the one liner kubectl command Run a deployment using nginx image Expose a […]

Kubernetes is a container-orchestration system for auto-deployment and scaling of applications. In this post I have includes a few YAML examples manifest of Kubernetes deployment, statefulset, service, pod. If you are creating Kubernetes files, it will be easy for you to just copy and edit them. The manifest is taken from the official Kubernetes website. […]

After installing icinga2 for monitoring you may want to install reporting module for SLA purposes. In this post, I will show you how I installed this module for SLA. For this module we will require the following: Icinga Web 2 (>= 2.6) PHP (>= 5.6, preferably 7.x) MySQL / MariaDB or PostgreSQL Icinga Web 2 […]

This is another site from where I removed the malware. After getting the login details I inspected the files in the WordPress site and soon found the malicious content. Hacker was using the site to lure victims using a phishing technique. One of the reasons hackers hack the website is to trick the user to […]