hackthebox lame walkthrough

hackthebox linux machine
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Start the hack with nmap

We see the port 21 is open. Lets search for the version in searchploit

The FTP is vulnerable and we could get the RCE but for some reason, it didn’t work.

Moving on to samba.

Lets use smbmap

We have access to the tmp. Again, using smbclient to explore further.

We can upload file here but nothing else is fruitful for me. Moving ahead, the version of smb is 3.0.20. Lets search in searchploit

Great! We find RCE using Metasploit but let’s try to exploit without Metasploit. I find the python exploit here.

Generate your own payload and listen to the port for the shell.

Paste above inside the file.

Run the exploit

You will get the shell.

Now read the flags

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