How to install icinga2 in centos?

This post will show how to install icinga2 in centos linux server to monitor different servers. Icinga 2 is an open source monitoring system which checks the availability of your network resources, notifies users of outages, and generates performance data for reporting.

Add Icinga repository


# yum install


# yum install

Install epel repository

CentOS 7/6

# yum install epel-release

Install icinga2


# yum install icinga2
# chkconfig icinga2 on
# service icinga2 start

RHEL/CentOS 7 and Fedora

# yum install icinga2
# systemctl enable icinga2
# systemctl start icinga2

After installing icinga2 you may want to enable some icinga2 features. By default, there are some features which are already enabled. You can check them by following command:

# icinga2 feature list
Disabled features: api command compatlog debuglog gelf graphite icingastatus ido-mysql ido-pgsql influxdb livestatus opentsdb perfdata statusdata syslog
Enabled features: checker mainlog notification

We will need additional features. Enable them by using following command:

# icinga2 feature enable api
# icinga2 feature enable command
# icinga2 feature ido-mysql

After this you have to restart icinga2

Install check plugins

To check services we have to install some plugins. To install them use following command:

# yum install nagios-plugins-all

Configuration Syntax Highlighting using Vim (Optional)

# yum install vim-icinga2

Next step is to install icingaweb2 to view metrics in browser.

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