install docker

You might have already heard of docker or you may be new to the term docker as I was few years ago. It does not matter. In this post we will talk brief about docker and will show how you can install it in Ubuntu machine. what is docker? In simple terms docker is a […]

There are times where you want to login to your cpanel without password. It is easier for you to login to your cpanel server without needing to input password each time you login to the server. SSH key pairs is use to authenticate you as a user and login to server if key match. In […]

Starting with nmap We have only port 8080 open with Tomcat Click on Manager App Use default credentials tomcat/s3cret We will create a war file and try to get a shell Upload it from manager and access it We will get the shell We can now read the flag

Starting with nmap port 80 shows just a picture named merlin.jpg. Possibly a user in the box. Doing gobuster and scanning with .aspx extension we get two things of interest. First transfer.aspx where we can upload files and second UploadedFiles where we get to access the files we uploaded. Doing enumeration, we find that we […]