Here are the docker top 10 basic docker commands that I use everyday. I call it docker cheat sheet. Since listing just the docker commands will not be helpful I have created these docker commands with examples. Hope you like it. docker search [keyword] docker run –name [container] -itd [image] docker start/stop [container] docker rm […]

WordPress is widely used CMS out there today. This website is also built-in using WordPress. There is absolutely no need for any explanation why I choose WordPress. I can talk the benefits of using WordPress all day long. Anyway, the post is not about the greatness of WordPress. Few days back, I stumbled upon a […]

In our previous article, we installed nginx in a docker container. That was quite easy. In this article, we are going to increase our skill and build a docker image. We can create a docker image in two ways. We are going to take a look briefly at both ways. Creating an docker image from […]