How to install memcached in centos 6, 7? (WHM)


First of all install all the prerequisites before installing memcached # yum install libevent libmemcached libmemcached-devel -y After installing above, navigate to your WHM –> Module Installer  , search for memcached and install memcached. If you want to install memcache too then you can click on install . That’s it. Start service at startup # […]

How to restore hacked WordPress website?

Follow following steps to restore your WordPress website which has been compromised. These steps will help you to restore your WordPress website without any cost. Compress the entire remote site files from cpanel and download to local Delete everything in ‘public_html’ folder Change FTP, cPanel, email account and MySQL passwords Unzip local site and scan […]

Error: DBD:: mysql::db failed: Table ‘./eximstats/ defers’ (How to Fix)

You can view the error in mysql from WHM > View Sent Summary. Below is what I get: Table ‘./eximstats/defers’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed Remember, if you mistakenly delete eximstats then you only deleted information about email activity, not actual email data. So nothing to worry about. You can always […]