Renew letsencrypt of Zimbra server

After installing Letsencrypt SSL according to article you need to renew certificate later. To renew certificate you can do following:

Login to server as root

Change directory to Zimbra Letsecnrpyt SSL folder

Copy new SSL files to Zimbra Letsencrypt folder then change owner to Zimbra.

Add X3 root certificate to our chain.pem as described in here at the bottom of chain.pem

Now let’s check our certificates are verified via Zimbra certificate manager

If you see done message in your console, first make a backup of course…

Before deploying the SSL Certificate, you need to move the privkey.pem under the Zimbra SSL commercial path, like this:

We are ready to deploy new certificates, run deploycrt command via zmcertmgr.

At last, restart.

Hopefully you now have renewed letsencrypt SSL of your Zimbra server. You can check your SSL here.


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