How to monitor Linux servers in icinga2?

This is third part. Previously, we have installed icinga2 and icingaweb2. Now, we are going to monitor basic services of Linux server. I assume you have followed how to install icinga2 and how to install icingaweb2 post. master server ip: master server hostname: client server ip: client server hostname: In master […]

How to install icinga2 in centos?

This post will show how to install icinga2 in centos linux server to monitor different servers. Icinga 2 is an open source monitoring system which checks the availability of your network resources, notifies users of outages, and generates performance data for reporting. Add Icinga repository RHEL/CentOS 7 # yum install RHEL/CentOS 6 # yum […]

Forward nginx stats in from collectd to influxdb

Requirement Nginx must be compiled with HttpStubStatusModule​ module. You can check that by running following command: nginx -V 2>&1 | grep -o with-http_stub_status_module If you see following output, you are good to go ahead. Otherwise, you have to install nginx with this module. with-http_stub_status_module Nginx Config $ sudo vi /etc/nginx/conf.d/status.conf server { listen; location […]

How to downgrade icinga2 from 2.6 to 2.5?

Last time I upgraded icinga2 to v2.6 accidentally. This lead icinga2 not to start. In /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log I see following error: 17-05-18 01:05:10 -0400] critical/IdoMysqlConnection: Schema version ‘1.14.1’ does not match the required version ‘1.14.2’ (or newer)! Please check the upgrade documentation. Context: (0) Reconnecting to MySQL IDO database ‘ido-mysql’ Of course this can be fixed […]

Icinga2 : DISK CRITICAL – /sys/kernel/security is not accessible: Permission denied

First, I tried to run check_disk command with root user. It worked great. But when I tried to run check_disk command with nobody user, I got following. # su -s /bin/bash nobody bash-4.2$ /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_disk -w 70% -c 80% DISK CRITICAL – /sys/kernel/security is not accessible: Permission denied Then, I checked permission of /sys/kernel/security folder # […]