Renew letsencrypt of Zimbra server

After installing Letsencrypt SSL according to article you need to renew certificate later. To renew certificate you can do following: Login to server as root $ letsencrypt renew Change directory to Zimbra Letsecnrpyt SSL folder # cd /opt/zimbra/ssl/letsencrypt/ Copy new SSL files to Zimbra Letsencrypt folder then change owner to Zimbra. # cp /etc/letsencrypt/live/* […]

How to enable autossl feature and lets encrypt plugin in WHM?

Autossl feature is one of the great feature now available in WHM. AutoSSL helped many cPanel and WHM users who had issues with SSL installation and renewal. cPanel & WHM ships with the cPanel (powered by Comodo) provider. To install the Let’s Encrypt AutoSSL provider plugin we have to install it with scripts provided in […]