Top 10 OWASP Vulnerabilities: OWASP Security Shepherd: Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Challenge One

OWASP Security Shepherd is ctf (capture the flag) powered by ctf365. The ctf challenge introduce the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and the knowledge that a beginner hacker should have. The challenge is the best ctf challenge which provide all things to know about web hacking challenges. If you are a beginner and want to learn hacking fast then you can consider these challenges.

owasp top 10 vulnerabilities: csrf: Cross Site Request Forgery Challenge One

In first challenge, we will need another user. For simplicity we will create second user our self. Then send a GET HTTP request to this URL: as another user. Just paste it in second user browser.

We will see the message “Increment Successful”


The result key will be shown. In another browser the key will display. Paste the key and the challenge is done.


Result Key: jNerfS8umyYaL2+FNZdo55sqE/RM631 — snip — MG1o6KRb0PvrvBmLIkoj1gJ8rM6C61M/qVVxXEL


    1. It is not. But there are lot who want to know more and they often lose control by just searching in Google. So I think this is the good place to get started.

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